How to install a PWA

Wavemaker is a PWA (Progressive Web App), which at it’s most basic level is a website that you can install locally and run without an internet connection. If you visit with a browser that allows you to take advantage of this (Google Chrome at time of writing is the first) You get the install button appearing

At time of writing Windows/Linux/ Android do this by default (as should iOS) – on a mac you may need to enable the browser settings for Chrome

If it the button doesn’t appear check the 3 dot menu

Why use PWA’s

Easy. Wavemaker is designed to be an online tool – it can run offline very easily, but about 95% of what you download as part of the software is basically the web browser (chromium) to run the actual software in!

Using a PWA means I don’t need to create installers and apps for every platform – I just make one website that you can install locally and run offline. A Major bonus is that the software can automatically update from the website if it needs to – boom, it’s now evergreen software 🙂 This leaves me more time to make the software better for everyone, rather than hunting down a problem with a specific installer.

This is a new technology, but you can expect this to become pretty common now. Google, Microsoft, Apple and Firefox are all keen on this technology so it should be widely supported on all browsers pretty soon.

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  1. I found a PWA called Wavemaker, which is a writing app that I would say is a good alternative to Scrivener. Anyway, I got the PWA installed on my Android device running 9.0 Pie, and somehow, I got it to install as an app on Chrome on the same computer, but I can t get the website prompt me to do the same on Firefox. So, is it just the developer, me, or are PWA s just aren t supported on Firefox on Windows?

  2. Hello, I really love your app. And I would love it even more – and use it, if all the cards in Grid, Database and Timeline would not whimsically vanish Text stands solid as a rock. I don’t mind during the testing, but I would mind when I put a lot of work and energy in it. I tried Opera as well as Chrome on Win 10, all the same. It is a great approach

  3. Hi, I’ve been trying to install wavemaker on my iPad. I’ve tried with Safari and Chrome but I don’t get the button or the option ‘Install Wavemaker’. Any ideas on how to solve it? Being able to work offline is a big thing for me.

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