Save the Cat Template Added

A little while back a friend of mine who does a bit of work as a director/screenwriter pointed me at Save the Cat , considered the ideal structure for a movie.

I had read the book and found it fascinating, (there is version for novel writers as well, but I had the script one)

Then I found this great blog post by @savannahgilbo and it all clicked for me I wanted a save the cat template for wavemaker, so took the basics and added it.

Make sure you pop over to see her take on it at

2 Replies to “Save the Cat Template Added”

  1. HELP! I tried to start a second project and I think it deleted the first project I was working on when I uploaded it?!?!?! Is there anything I can do to get my project back! I thought we could save multiple projects in the app and not overwrite the others!!

  2. So since you didn’t want to answer my questions in the forum…
    How do I open Save The Cat in Wavemaker?
    Also, I am using Wavemaker for my latest book and I only ask these questions so I can learn to use it fully

    C.A. Dayhoff

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