Save the Cat Template Added

A little while back a friend of mine who does a bit of work as a director/screenwriter pointed me at Save the Cat , considered the ideal structure for a movie.

I had read the book and found it fascinating, (there is version for novel writers as well, but I had the script one)

Then I found this great blog post by @savannahgilbo and it all clicked for me I wanted a save the cat template for wavemaker, so took the basics and added it.

Make sure you pop over to see her take on it at

3 Replies to “Save the Cat Template Added”

  1. HELP! I tried to start a second project and I think it deleted the first project I was working on when I uploaded it?!?!?! Is there anything I can do to get my project back! I thought we could save multiple projects in the app and not overwrite the others!!

  2. So since you didn’t want to answer my questions in the forum…
    How do I open Save The Cat in Wavemaker?
    Also, I am using Wavemaker for my latest book and I only ask these questions so I can learn to use it fully

    C.A. Dayhoff

  3. Dear Sir,
    My wife have been using your software to write her book, yesterday she opened the wavemaker software and all her writing was gone, would you have any idea how she can recover the book? She uses a google chromebook and did not sync to the cloud so I was wondering if the data is stored somewhere on the laptop.

    Thank you kindly for any advice.

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