Wavemaker Version 3 is Live

Version 3 is now live, you can find it  at  https://wavemaker.cards


Wavemaker is a Progressive Web App now which will install virtually anywhere and run offline, It’s also been built to work on tablets and phones!

Managing Your Work

Your Projects need to be safe, Wavemaker has changed and now uses a local database to keep your projects in, this can be easily backed up and moved, as can individual projects – you can also back it up to google drive and restore it to a different device with a click.

New Features

It took a while, and we have a LOT of new features – multi level organisation, formatting options and distraction free ….

New note taking Database

This is based loosely on google keep, keep notes and photos tagged in an easily searchable database – top tip – use it from your phone to record pictures of locations!

Snowflake Tool

An old favourite back again – build your idea up from a simple paragraph

Planning Board

Manage all your scene and character notes!

Grid Planner

Based on  the planning grid used by  JK Rowling. 

Timeline Planner

Another old favourite – build up your story by event planning

Challenge Mode

New Export Options

55 Replies to “Wavemaker Version 3 is Live”

  1. The note taking database is really intriguing. I’ve been using Scrivener for most of my daily writing, but I’ve been wanting to get into using Wavemaker since it’s so slick. I’m also currently looking for an intuitive Wiki that would allow me to access a library of information anywhere and anytime, which I could then use to keep and store my notes for my fantasy series. The note taking database looks really promising as it reminds me a bit of how TiddlyWiki works online or offline using a single HTML file: https://youtu.be/ezNScBd7_h4

    VoodooPad also does seem similar stuff that looks pretty gnarly, but I’m trying to decide between paying $24.99 to use them (since I’m a Mac guy and their software seems ready to use), or attempting to use Wavemaker in place of their service. I’d prefer the latter since I’m a fan of Wavemaker and I’d like to support your product more (both by using it and by being a patron on Patreon), but I’m not quite sure whether Wavemaker will be robust enough to handle the Wiki side of things. Perhaps it will in time (it certainly has evolved in the document drafting side of things, not to mention the ability to organize notes for a story), but I’m not sure how Wiki-like Wavemaker really is.

    Anyhow, you’d mentioned in your tutorial video that people should make suggestions about how they might use the note taking tool, and if you were going to expand the note taking section of Wavemaker, I’d start there.

    I know several established writers use wikis to store the info for their worlds and keep track of the small details that have become canon in the course of publishing their books. For example, Jennifer Lyons uses Dokuwiki (mentioned here: https://www.tor.com/2019/01/07/how-to-create-a-wiki-to-support-your-fantasy-worldbuilding/) and Brandon Sanderson uses WikidPad (mentioned here: https://faq.brandonsanderson.com/knowledge-base/how-do-you-remember-all-the-details-to-keep-all-the-little-bits-and-pieces-consistent/). I’d like to do something similar, but I’m not very tech savvy when it comes to running a wiki (hence my thoughts about using TiddlyWiki or VoodooPad). It seems to me, though, that Wavemaker is 3/4 of the way there (perhaps I’m wrong, but I don’t think so).

    Food for thought in case you decide to go that route! Cheers.

    1. Are you still getting it?
      It may be that you have a ‘clash’ between versions try hitting CTRL and F5 a couple of times to clear the cache and it should kick start again

    1. Hi
      Ahh I see.
      Hmmmm. Deleting is currently done via the right click menu (Which android does not show :/) Ok I’ll have a look at how I can either trigger that menu or provide a different way of doing it!

    2. Still can’t delete things in writer mode, but for now, it is not needed and I have a new issue: I’ve been using the new mind map feature and I can’t move nodes. This, obviously, is a huge problem and renders it virtually useless to me. I also have great difficulty linking them together (this might be because I can’t move them). I am super excited about using it though! I like using mind maps to organize flexible family trees, and if this works I’ll be able to have it right there with the rest of my work. 😁

  2. I found your tool by way of hinting for a cross platform novel organizer/writing tool. First of all, FANTASTIC JOB! Being a bit of a programmer myself, I see the time that has been put into this and it looks very polished and professional.

    If I could make some suggestions for future releases, I think that some of these might help round out a couple of things, although none of them are small changes:

    1. Have the ability to have multiple books in a project, like storing a series. I know that you probably could do it within the writing section, but exporting does not allow for you to export from a specific section as it assumes it is all one book. Having a “series” capability would be a fantastic addition as my note cards and snow flakes contain details for the series that I am working on.

    2. Auto-backup. I am sure that this one may be a bigger, but having an auto-sync ability helps to ensure little loss of data. It doesnt need to be as quick as Google docs where it is almost every time you hit the spacebar, but maybe having an option to choose 1 to 10 minute auto backups would be helpful as I am paranoid of losing work. If this isnt possible, could you add a sync button to the top right corner menu of each tool for easy access?

    3. In videos of previous versions, I saw that you offered different color themes. I am not sure if they were not considered for v3, didn’t make the cut for features for the release or if it was too difficult to do.

    4. I mirror other request for having a wiki built in for each project. It would be very helpful.

    5. It may be helpful for some folks to be able to export items (snowflakes, notes, timelines) between projects. Not me, but might help round out feature sets.

    Keep up the fantastic work! I look forward to seeing future updates. I started using your software at v2.6 so it was a huge and welcomed change to v3. Cheers!

  3. Just one request for the database. Can we get the ability to add those notes to our planning board? Perhaps have a database section on the planning board where these notes all live, and we can drag them over to chapters and sections as we wish. However, the note would remain available in the database section and could be placed in multiple chapters with the database version acting as global template. Should an edit be made to the note in one chapter, it would carry across to all others. However, deleting a note from a chapter would only affect that chapter and it would remain available in all the others as well as in the database portion of the app. Specifically deleting the note while in the database section would remove it from the entire app.

    This would enable us to keep certain location and character notes that we’ll be reusing, placing them down in our stories where we’ll be calling on those details, and discarding them when they’re no longer needed. However, as they’d be database cards instead of regular cards, they’d still be available to be called on again as deleting them would only send them back to the database section of the planning board.

    At the moment I have a “chapter” each for locations and characters, and I drag the notes from those to each chapter I’m using them in then drag them back to these storage chapters afterwards. This would be an automated way of doing that which leaves little room for human error.

    1. I do have further plans for the database tool that will probably help with this 🙂 It’s just getting the time to do all the things I want to to the software, it’s sort of an evolutionary process.

  4. Iain,

    You know how much I’ve been loving and advocating for more people to use Wavemaker (I actually just converted another user over to it LOL).

    I think a series wiki or book wiki would be awesome. Especially if you could copy certain items and put them in other books in the series (assuming it’s book and not series). I don’t know if you’ve seen (the old or even the new version of) StoryShop but something like that. (I actually thought their old version was easier to use.)

    I haven’t delved into much besides the planning board, but the database cards being copied into chapters could be really useful (I could even see the database and the wiki being the same thing).

    But I noticed when I downloaded the app, in the planning board the cards aren’t colored like they are in the web app. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a file from the 2.6v and not a native 3 file or what. Not a big deal, but when offline and working in the app, it’s just easier to look for certain colors when trying to get through the cards and make sure things are going smoothly. 🙂

    1. Hi

      The colour coding can be added in version 3 (v2.6 didn’t do it :)) if you open a card you should see the colour choices in there. I have pre-color-coded (I am sooo not sure about those hyphens) the betternovelproject template in the latest version.

      The cards database may start to fit the ‘wiki’ approach – a lot of the tools I have ideas to expand functionality – its an evolving process of development 🙂


  5. Could you add a Chapter Card? I’m writing a book series so I brokeit down into blocks, and put chapters into those blocks, but there isn’t a Chapter card to put in it, only scenes, and characters, etc.

    1. Hi, hmm the general idea was that each column was a chapter / section – I can probably add that though (although I may make it fully editable)

    1. Hi – yes it runs offline on android (there are some drag/drop issues which I’m working on but the writing tool works well) just visit the web address with your phone using google chrome and it will ask if you want to install (its a progressive Web App)

  6. I love what you’ve made here, keep it up! There’s one tool that really helps writers and it’s World Building. If you could implement categories like the ones in StoryShop for example it would make it very handy to keep track of complex worlds.

    1. It’s leaning that way- there is a probability that version 4 may be 2 separate tools that work from the same data – a planning/world building/database tool and a writing tool that hooks up to it for reference. I’ll have a look at storyshop and see what they do 🙂

    1. Hi
      Yes the snowflake tool at present actually physically replaces the original card.
      It ceases to exist in the software as it’s been ‘replaced’ with the three new cards.

  7. Thank you very much. I like it much more than Scrivener. But how can i change fonts. Because standart font doesn’t support Turkish efficient.

    1. Hi I added the ability for you to choose any font you want in the manuscript settings. Hopefully that will help. I’m trying to make the next version much more multi-language

  8. Dear Iain, I discovered your tool after intense ressarch to replace ywriter (a great old school tool, but it doesn’t work on linux).
    I ust want to tahnk you very much. I installed the app today, I’m trying to discover the features.
    Some ideas for further use : export the sections in separate rtf files (I like to run libreoffice with grammalecte it’s a great editing tool).
    A git versioning of text files ? It would allow a better safety when writing with several device, which I plan to do thank to your marvelous app.

    I’m just discovering it, but I will surely patreon this if i manage to run it for my next novel that I4m currently starting.

    Do you have a bio page ? I’d loke to know more about your programmnig skill and why not, read novels you wrote.

    1. Hi
      I do have a very dated personal site (http://woodit.co.uk) which I don’t do much with since it pretty much acted as a CV for my current position.
      I’ve had a look at GIT versioning (would be very cool, but would either require me running a GIT server or getting you guys to set up Git accounts somewhere)
      I’ll see what I can do about the exporting sections thing – is definitely possible, just need to figure out how


    2. I rather than GIT I went with google drive (which kinda/sorta) versions in a fairly no brainer way. Naturally I use GIT myself so it was an option, I’ve had a look, it would need a web connection and I can’t (currently) create a local GIT repo for security reasons 🙂

  9. I am nearly gobsmacked at how much I like this software. I don’t know what the exact difference is from the previous version, but I have already moved over a big project to Version 3.0 and I love being able to work on it / jot notes / etc. so effortlessly between devices. Scrivener may finally be dead (they never developed an Android app and all the ‘solutions’ I found online as a workaround were too convoluted or compromising). I am happy to support your work through Patreon and see how this develops further.

    Quick question/observation: I don’t think the ‘Google Drive Sync Up’ button is working on my Android phone. I have to exit out to the projects screen, hit ‘Manage Your Projects’, and then sync up. Only then do the changes get uploaded. This is a bummer since it’s nice to have the comfort of syncing up right from inside the app.

    1. Hi
      Wow, thanks for bringing that to my attention, just checked on my phone and you’re right – it’s not triggering for some reason!
      I’ll take a look.


    2. Okay. Just modified the code a little, seems to be triggering on my android now. May take a short while for it to propagate to your phone.
      When syncing up the icon will turn into the spinning refresh icon, you can continue working as it will do it in the background.

      Think it was just a stuff happening slightly out of order on mobile thing :/


      1. Thanks Iain.

        Another question: Is there some reason that when I hit on any ‘page’ or ‘sibling’, I get faced with a blank screen because the default view seems to be scrolled all the way to the bottom, past any text? I have to scroll up to see the last rows of text on any page, even though there are no paragraph or ‘carriage’ returns past those rows. It’s just odd that there is no text there when I click. (Hope that makes sense.)

        1. One more thing: the ‘Google Drive Sync Up’ notification pop-up when I sync from within the app never disappears. It works now, but the bubble seems to linger no matter what I do. It’s only an annoyance/nuissance and doesn’t seem to affect functionality, but it’s there nonetheless.

        2. Hi
          I think that’s he autoscroll I put in to try to keep the text in he centre of the screen. I’ll have a look and see if I can fix


          1. Thanks, Iain. Perhaps it might be possible to toggle autoscroll on or off in settings?

            Another request is the ability to move cards from one page to another. As I move text around from one chapter to another I’d like to be able to move relevant cards too, but there seems no way to do so currently (either through dropdown or drag and drop, for example). This would be really helpful. For now, I have to move things manually.

          2. Found out how to move the cards, Iain (planning board). So never mind that part! 🙂

  10. Outstanding!!!

    Q. For the wiki though, have you considered JAMstack with RMarkdown and blogDown?

    Connecting to GitHub with version control, linking Netlify.

    I believe your application can become a necessary tool stack addition in content outlining and drafting.

    Have you viewed GitKraken and its Glo Boards?

    Please communicate back, as I would like to share the experiences of adding WaveMaker in this tool stack.

    1. Will take a look – have considered GIT, but it’s not as commonly used as Google Drive, also it only recently allowed Private repos (provacy appears to be a huge concern)

    1. Afraid not at the moment – you could have a look the manuscriptshredderis also available as a spreadsheet on her website

  11. Hello Iain

    I am making my first bold attempts to write something and have selected your software as my tool of choice.

    Unfortunately I seem to have the same problem with getting my Google Docs to sync but I am using the Windows version of your software. I sync on Android all OK

    I press the sync button and absolutely nothing happens

    Let me know if I am doing something wrong – Win 10 – Google Chrome


    1. Hi

      Can you check on the main screen that it’s connected there, it may be you have some settings in your chrome that are interfering

  12. I like it, it seems to be pretty feature complete.

    However I work on multiple computers, and the work doesn’t seem to sync between them.
    Am I doing something wrong?

  13. Hi Iain,
    I am a huge fan of Ray Bradbury & Jim Denney and I have adopted their method of writing fast.
    Would you be able to make the challenge area something more in the line of ‘Write or Die’ I am a huge fan of the software and I use it often to churn out 1000 or more words in an hour.
    Loving the app btw way and I have now switched from Scrivener to using this
    Keep up the great work

  14. This looks very interesting and I look forward to using it. While testing, I added siblings and child. I have not been able to figure how to delete. Thank you, Scott

  15. Iain,

    This app is incredible! Thank you so much for being so dedicated to it. I noticed in your videos that a spellchecker is underlining your mispelled words. I don’t seem to have that feature when I use Wavemaker. Any ideas why that might be?

    Best Regards,


  16. Hi,
    I am trying to connect to Google Drive so I can transfer my work between my laptop and my tablet.
    All my work is currently on my laptop. I hit the widget button on the left side of the panel named “Google Docs Sync Up”. A pop up then tells me a Google Drive account is not li led and asks me if I wish to link it. I hit the “Yes please” button but nothing seems to happen.
    I may be missing something I’m not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciate!

  17. Hi!

    First of all, I want to say I love Wavemaker! 😀
    I’m glad I chose it over scrivener.

    My favourite thing is how user-friendly it is. Also, the pre-built “sections/templates” are very useful and the overall design is very sleek.
    I think that one feature that could improve it is adding a spell-checker. However, I don’t know anything about programming, so I don’t kow if it is too much to ask.

    Thank you for your effort and your work!

    Best wishes,

  18. I really like this. I recommend it, but your “manage your projects” button is totally broken. You cannot click on it. If you start a project then start another project, you cannot get back to the first project. In fact, it’s a little bit of a hassle syncing the new project if you switch to the desktop. The unfortunate truth is that I’m stuck on project 2, and I want to work on project 1. Let’s fix that button.

  19. I am having an interested issue with my wavemaker. Love the app by the way. But sometimes after I sync up it does weird things to my text. It will not let me paste a screenshot, but it takes a paragraph and pulls out the word wrap, listing it as a single line with a side to side scroll bar and a different font.

    I love the app. It’s beautiful. A couple of suggestions, it would be great if I could get a complete manuscript word count.

  20. Hi! I stumbled on Wavemaker two days ago and I’m 90% sold after trying nearly every paid and free program out there. However, I have one issue that is keeping me from totally switching over: Uploading current WIPs. I could not figure out how to upload a whole file, so I resorted to cutting and pasting individual chapters from MS Word. While most of it transferred okay, all my paragraphing is gone and I’ve resorted to manually restoring it. Is there a better/easier way to import without having to reformat?

  21. hi!

    i hope this doesn’t sound weird but the word count doesn’t work if you use not latin alphabet. this is probably not super improtant but i write in russian and the word count would be helpful – especially in a challange mod. thank you :’)

  22. Hello. I just love Wavemaker, it really make me write better! Now, Im trying the Grid Planner, and I built a grid with 16 rows and 12 columns. However, anything I write down past row 12 isn’t saving. I rewrote them several times, synched it and in the next day, they’re gone.

  23. Hi Ian
    I’ve just found Wavemaker and loving it so far. I have a question though, the only options for Paragraph spacing are standard, double spaced etc. However, I don’t want ANY paragraph spacing at all, and currently it’s leaving space between my paragraphs. Is there any way another option can be sorted to not have any paragraph spacing at all? Also, using the Timeline planner, when I try move a card, it doesn’t drop in place and I end up chasing the darned thing all over the screen before deleting it and creating a new one. How exactly are these cards to be fixed to the timeline? I try licking the mouse, hit enter but I still have the same problem. Otherwise this software looks great thank you and I may well become a Patreon 🙂

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