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Can I download this app

Ummm .. Yes ... and No. I have put together the app for ChromeOS and there is a Windows Download of an earlier version. In the future It will be available for all platforms but we are experimenting with exactly HOW to do it (We're looking at Progressive Web Apps as a possibility)

How many people built this

Up to Version 2? Just Me. However I have recently been fortunate to twist the arm of an incredibly skilled friend of mine to help me out with the upcoming Version 3 where we are aiming to make the app waaaaayyyyyy cooler, mobile friendly and built with React, which should make it faster.

I love this software! Can I help out?

I work full time and have a lot of other commitments. I'd love to have help in numerous areas. SO if you can

  • Write novels using the app and feedback to us on it
  • Do online Marketing
  • Know about SEO
  • develop in Html/React/javascript on MacOs if only to help test (no macs here I'm afraid)
  • Spare a little cash on a regular basis - we are looking into how to fund this project long term. It may be we offer a subscription for advanced features but at the moment we have not got a plan for that. There was a subscription for the older cards service we will probably add to the new one shortly so stay tuned.
  • Spare a massive wodge of cash to fund us to go full time :)
Please get in touch.

The best way you can help for now is Like our page on facebook and share links to the app and the website far and wide - the more users we get the more likely we can continue indefinitely!

Contact Me

Send me an email cards@wavemaker.co.uk Talk to me on Facebook