I like to experiment

This is where I'll be putting some of the ideas that will be going into future versions of the wavemaker Novel Writing Software

As always I want any feedback on these experiemental demos so please follow the facebook link to provide feedback.

Remember these are DEMO's they do not save any work, just show potential functionality

Concentration Mode

Hit your wordcount or time your writing with concentration mode

This would be an option for the main editor screen - you would be able to enter concentration mode with a timer and wordcount you had to hit.

  • Onward to glory - you are presented with a challenge you aren't going to be going back to edit as you work
  • Don't even look at me - ignore the screen, focus on the keyboard and the words - ignore typos - you can fix them later
  • It all just fades away - focus on what you are writing right now - the words fade away so you have to keep on keeping on

Concentration Mode Demo