Version 3 is now available

You can now use version 3 of the software - visit the link, you can import your older projects by clickin on "Manage Your Projects"

I will leave version 2 up and running for those of you who are used to it! I will also put together some video tutorials for the new software as soon as I humanly can!!

Wavemaker Novel Writing Software

Novel Writing Software

Plan & Write your story.

The latest version of our software combines all the tools from the "Cards" web app into a solid cohesive tool for planning and writing your novel.

  • Awesome Snowflake Tool : Grow your story naturally using this great way of writing
  • Cards Planning Board : Quickly document Everything with notecards in all the places to remind you what you want to write
  • Timeline your novel : Easily create a timeline for your novel that you can pop back to whenever you want.
  • Rearrange Simply : Need to move a section around? No problem just drag and drop it where you want it to go!
  • Available Online & Offline : In Beta Testing Try the offline versions Windows, Mac & Linux (BETA)
    *ChromeOs version available in Chrome Store
See our 'Upcoming Features' experimental demos

Just some of the reviews!

Read the chromeOS ones here

"Incredible in its simplicity, yet complex enough to be powerful. I honestly didn't think I'd find something like this on Chrome OS. Just starting my latest book, and I look forward to hashing the outline out in this then filling it with all the notes I've got spread across different apps."

Mik Furie

"Wavemaker seem like an extremely promising beginning with very few equivalents around that are natively built for Chrome OS."

Anders Lemvigh

"It's one of the best ones I've used and it's highly recommended to people who like to be organized. It has many useful features that are quite innovative and aesthetically appealing. Overall, an amazing application."

Tanuja Voruganti

Our Novel Writing Tools

Wavemaker App

The New wavemaker writing app is an integrated tool that takes the best features of our "Cards" app and makes them work together better.

Wavemaker Novel Writing app


Our Original Web App - If you already have an account you can use this app. You will be able to transfer any work to the new wavemaker app.

Use the Cards Web App

NanoWrimo Writer

A fun little app that I built a while back specifically for NanoWrimo. It formed a basis for the new app, but it's out there if you want to try it.

NanoWrimo Writer