Write your novel
Easily structure your novel

Fed up of digging through that massive word document? Easily structure your book into chapters, scenes, make notes and shuffle them around easily.

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Cross Platform
Runs on virtually anything

Wavemaker can be installed and run on virtually any device, you can sync your devices up using google drive.

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Works Offline
No need for an internet connection

It looks like a website, it can install as an app and can run without a web connection. The magic of Progressive Web Apps :)

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Planning Board
All your notes.

Get organised, move your notes about, get a to-do list plan for your novel and get writing

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Research Database
Store your notes

Store your notes and research in an easily searchable database, organised with hashtags!

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Snowflake Tool
Try the Snowflake Method.

Start small and fill out detail, using our innovative Snowflake Cards Method to break your idea into a full novel.

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A beautifully rendered environment for planning and writing your novel or short story. This software also has a set of brainstorming tools that make the writing process a hell of a lot easier! This app has the potential to outstrip the capabilities of similar software applications on the market, free and paid. Best part - it works across all platforms.

5 Mar 2019

Tanya Brown

Awesome app! I have been searching for Chromebook-compatible software which will let me organise, structure and revise a novel: I sometimes need to work offline, and none of the wholly cloud-based apps are suitable. Wavemaker not only does the standard organisation things, but it has a *timeline* feature, which makes me super-happy. Plus I can embed images and tag notes. Very much enjoying my first experiments and looking forward to exploring in-depth!

18 Feb 2019

Terry Mullett

Very impressed with Wavemaker. The approach is fresh, cleaner and more intuitive than I have seen in other software for organizing writing projects, and even at this early stage it has the features that count most for me. I'm very happy to see it using a cross-platform technology that runs offline.

20 Feb 2019