Free Novel Writing Software?

Why Wavemaker novel planning & writing software is free.

I started out building wavemaker as I wanted software that suited me. Don’t get me wrong, there are some nice programs out there. Scrivener is really good, Atomic Scribbler is nice, Manuskript is decent  and so on ….. 

But none of them are cross platform. Wavemaker  works on virtually anything and syncs between devices easily so you can write at your desk, or while walking the dog (Yes, I actually do this, dictating into wavemaker on my phone while out and about)

But Why Free??

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take your money if you insist 😉
(You can become a patron at the  Wavemaker Patreon)

But my aim is to create some great free novel writing software, for ME. 
The fact you get to use it is a bonus. Also I really ENJOY creating stuff like this. If ever I get enough Patrons to support me I’ll go full time at this, but until then I have to squeeze it into my spare time.

I’m also  Open sourcing the code for the older versions, and will do with the current version when I have all the bit’s I want done – I want to do this as others will be able to help by adding features, fixing bugs and making it better. 

This is what makes Wavemaker truly unique. It’s goals are to be as inclusive as possible, as useful as possible and as easy to use as possible.

If you want to try out this amazing Free Novel Writing Software then give it a go. There’s nothing to lose 🙂

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