To Auto-Sync or Not to Auto-Sync

One of the most requested features I have had was the auto-sync to google drive.

The problem I always hit was how do you deal with overwriting when you accidentally have TWO devices doing the same thing! But Google drive does one nice thing. It KEEPS a version history

This is great because it means you can always recover from a bad upload by simply downloading an older version of the file

Step 1 : Log into Google Drive and find this file

Step 2 : Right click and find the “Manage Versions” Option

This will give you this screen – you can find the last ‘good’ version and download it by clicking on the ‘three dots’ menu

This can also be used to create a ‘snapshot’ of your work at ANY POINT.

Once you have the file on your device you can load it in using the “Upload Database” option on the main screen!