Getting in touch with me about wavemaker

I like wordpress, I really do……. however I simply don’t have time to check all the places people can comment at me or ask questions.

So I’m going to suggest that if you have an issue there are some better places to get feedback and help (and frankly I’m way more likely to respond – I just had to clear out 500 spam messages – ughhh)

So my two regular checks are twitter (@wavemakercards) and reddit (r/wavemakercards) I’ve added some embeds below.


Twitter is also available!

10 Replies to “Getting in touch with me about wavemaker”

  1. I liked your software enough to want to give feedback. I have been actively avoiding Facebook, Twitter and reddit but I liked your software enough to make a reddit account just to give you feedback. Reddit’s bots marked by 1500 words post as spam and removed it. I have deleted said post and my account. As per your wishes I will not be reiterating what I said there here. I’m just writing this here to inform you of the quality of feedback you can expect from reddit.

    Oh, and just so we’re clear, I’ve no more fucks to give in regards to wavemaker. I wrote everything I had to write about it once and it was summarily rejected.

  2. Hi, loving the app. I like to use the mind mapping section however, on my android devices I cannot move the boxes around the screen.
    Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

    1. its a pwa – it’s not “installed” in the way you think. Basically you need to open the app and click on the top RHS menu and choose uninstall

  3. Hello, thank you very much for your software. I have a question. I am trying the wavemaker and When I open a new empty project I start to create on the left side the pages, then later start to write and everything goes well. When I finished I upload to drive the project and when I enter again let’s say tomorrow the writing is there but now the paragraph is in one line so there is no more a paragraph and below the line, it is a slide where you have to slide to de right or left in order to read in one line. weird. thanks for your help. Jaime

    1. not sure what you’re describing?
      You may have to email me a copy of your file and let me know wheat operating system and browser you are using – that sounds very odd

  4. Hi! Ive enjoyed Wavemaker for quite some time now, and i enjoy its features, and the simplicity of it very much. So thank you for making it!

    I only have the problem that it regularly seem to have issues with it being unable to connect to my google drive to be able to access my writing. Its been a while since ive had this issue, and now i can’t seem to fix it. I use google and have Windows 10.

    I would be very grateful if you could give any advice.

    1. Hi – its usually causes by some agreessive privacy extensions or you having third party cookies disabled (oddly, wavemaker needs to store google drive cookies to talk to google drive – whadda ya knoww!)
      I think some privacy nuts get to the point where they disable the internet in the name of security :/

  5. Sadly I actively avoid twitter, and don’t do reddit either, so I’ll be sticking this here. I adore wavemaker thus far. It’s got a lot of great functionality. There is one thing I would like to suggest though. And that is with the database cards you allow searches with more than one tag (to narrow results), for one of my projects I’ve made extensive use of the database cards & I am finding them very useful – but being able to filter down to just cards with more than one specific tag would make it significantly better.

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