NaNoWriMo Template News

I was never satisfied with the Nanowrimo template built into wavemaker. Today however I found this. The new template will be arriving in version 2.6 due shortly 🙂

The Manuscript Shredder NanoWrimo Template

Using this I have updated the template in wavemaker, but I strongly suggest you head on over to  The manuscript shredder  for more info on it!  

There is also a great book for those of you looking to take part as well.

Other Resources

This roadmap is a combination of several sources.

4 Replies to “NaNoWriMo Template News”

  1. just new to wm today. great software. sorry if this has been answered, but are there no more templates available on wm in the new version? looking for the betternovel project outline, and i see the dropdown menu i see in so many yt demos is gone.

    thanks for all you did with this!

    1. Not in the new version yet – however if you set one up in version 3 then import that into version 4 you can save your own “template” from that

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