Novel Writing Software for Linux

The title is actually a bit misleading. Wavemaker runs on everything. Including Linux (I personally use it on my Ubuntu Laptop, my chromeOS laptop, as well as my Windows PC and my Android Tablets and Phone)

For the uninitiated it does look a bit like a website, (Which in fact is ALSO is). There is however one major difference.

You can install wavemaker locally, and run it offline!

It’s a Progressive Web App – Here’s how to install it

I use a lot of different devices , and wavemaker was built to do all the same stuff on all of them. Using this technology makes it much, much easier. The key elements are you need to have a PWA compatible web browser (Right now that’s Chromium and Chrome, but the other browsers are all planning to support this ).

So If you haven’t already install chrome/chromium and simply visit It will prompt for an install.

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