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There’s more to writing than a word processor.   There are probably  a lot of people out there who think of themselves as ‘pantsers’,  but the ‘plotters’ need to plan – and wavemaker has the tools to help them.


Wavemaker Novel writing Timeline Tool

Need to get everything down and in order? – the timeline tool is great for working through your plot. Get key events/ scenes down and it you can go back and grow the timeline into a detailed set of events for your story

The Snowflake Novel Planning Tool

Wavemaker Novel planning Snowflake Method Tool

This is where wavemaker started – I had read about the snowflake method and it was really similar to a ‘3×4 cards’ system I was working with. Eventually I built a basic web tool to do the job – it then grew …… much like a snowflake itself as it gathered more detail.

This works by making you focus on keeping each card short, you then split a card up when you need to add more detail. Doing this you can build up your story slowly and adding detail as you go.

The Cards Planning Board

Wavemaker Cards ‘trello’ style planning tool

This is a bit like the planning boards I use as a software developer. They are amazingly useful for planning what and where you put scenes and ideas….

All this  …. and we still haven’t reached the writing tool! ­čÖé

3 Replies to “Story Writing Software”

  1. hotkey list?

    Thanks for the excellent program. I am writing a sermon on it now. I would love to know if we can hotkey to navigate between parent and child pages.

    Also love to have bulleted and numbered lists. Thanks!

  2. Hi, your software is very good.
    But I have a problem. I write in Spanish and the word processor changes all the time the words I wrote to another words. Is there any possibility to avoid this situation?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi. Is it trying to correct to english? My software does not actually do any word changing at all – it must be coming from your browser? – maybe a setting there?

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