Getting started with The Open AI Bot

You may have noticed a little robot icon in the toolbar, and are wondering what an API key is. Don’t worry its pretty simple.

Open AI charges for their service so it’s easier for me to set this up so you can use the assistance bot yourself – the good news is that it’s really easy to sign up and use it.

Step 1

Go to OpenAI API page and click on the sign up button – you follow the easy prompts to create an account and get logged in.

Step 2

Click on this icon top right and ain the dropdown select “View API Keys” – you won’t have one – click on “Create new secret key” and COPY the key from the popup window – you will want to save this into a text file somewhere for later use.

Step 3

Open up wavemaker version 4 and click on the Bot icon and paste your key into the API key field. Press “save” and you should now see the question form – You can simply ask OpenAI to do … well pretty much anything. But bear in mind that you only get a $5 allowance free – then you will have to pay more to the open ai account

What are tokens?

To be honest … not sure myself – but every question and answer uses tokens that seem to go for a tiny fraction of a cent each – I have set the limit for token use per request to be 50 tokens by default – but you can set it higher (50 tokens is probably about a sentence of reply and a short question)